Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

10 Surefire Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Moose Hunt

Rut Wrongs

10 Ways to Totally @#$%&! Up Your Best Chance at Taking That Bull Moose of a Lifetime

# 3 Moan Maniacally

One of the biggest draws of the rut is the possibility of enticing a bull by performing your best rendition of a lovesick cow. Vocalizations can indeed work miracles, but not every hunter knows how to do it properly. If you call incorrectly, too much or at the wrong times, you may as well kiss your shot opportunity goodbye. Remember, calling is all about finesse and realism. On many occasions, I’ve heard other hunters calling and just shook my head, wondering what they were doing. I’ve heard them call too frequently or too loudly, and even make sounds that resembled a squeaky door hinge more than a moose. It’s no surprise these hunters never got a response, let alone saw a moose.

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