Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

10 Surefire Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Moose Hunt

Rut Wrongs

10 Ways to Totally @#$%&! Up Your Best Chance at Taking That Bull Moose of a Lifetime

#8 Don’t Check Your Zero

This mistake isn’t specific to the peak rut, but it happens so often it’s important to mention. Taking a shot without checking your firearm is like rolling the dice. Many hunters only get out once or twice a year and, sadly, some don’t bother to sight-in their rifle or bow before the trip. This is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, and one to avoid during any season. Ethical hunters will always confirm their riflescope is on target, or their bow is tuned and the sight pins are dialled in. Wounding and losing an animal just shouldn’t be an option.

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