Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

10 Surefire Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Moose Hunt

Rut Wrongs

10 Ways to Totally @#$%&! Up Your Best Chance at Taking That Bull Moose of a Lifetime

#5 Move Too Fast

Moose have immeasurable patience. They spend more time standing still then meticulously moving through timber than any other ungulate in the woods. Despite their enormity, they also have an uncanny ability to quietly ghost through the trees, hardly making a sound. You will periodically hear them stepping on a twig or dry leaves as they walk, but they’re much quieter than other big animals, such as elk.

Bull moose are also on their own during the rut, slowly covering ground as they constantly search for a hot cow. Keep in mind they have large ears and excellent hearing, so if you race through the woods, you’re sure to sound unnatural and spook any moose within earshot. That means stealth is usually the name of the game for hunters. Consider the deliberate pace of a moose, and emulate it. Snapping branches isn’t always bad, but incorporate pauses and consider adding soft vocalizations to help camouflage those sounds. More than a few times I’ve duped unsuspecting bulls that literally waited as I approached.

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