Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

10 surefire ways to totally screw up your moose hunt


#10 Wave the White Flag

Moose hunters love cool, wet weather. Unfortunately, late September and early October can sometimes present bluebird days with the mercury higher than we’d like. But packing up and going home is a sure-fire way not to close your tag—you can’t knock one down when you’re sitting on your couch. I’ve listened to many hunters complain about the weather being too hot, too windy, too rainy, too snowy and—believe it or not—even too nasty, declaring that the moose hold up tight under such bad conditions. While this sometimes happens, the annual rut waits for no one. Weather that’s less than ideal can present tough conditions, but year in and year out, it’s the persistent hunter who eventually fills the freezer. Never forget: When you give up, your hunt is over.

Edmonton contributor Kevin Wilson is an avid all-around hunter.