2016’s Best New Bowhunting Gear: Top Arrows, Broadheads, Sights & Releases

2016's Best New Crossbows

The Latest High-tech, Shooter-friendly Equipment for Canadian Bowhunters

Trocar HB
Trocar HB

Trocar HB

If you can’t decide between fixed or mechanical-blade broadheads, the 100-grain Trocar HB (the HB stands for hybrid) offers the best of both worlds. The two fixed blades have a one-inch cutting diameter, while a pair of 1⅝-inch centre-pivot blades deploy on contact, making a total cutting diameter of 2⅝ inches. All four blades are 0.35-inch thick; there’s also a chisel tip for increased penetration. A 100-grain crossbow model, the Trocar HBX, is also available.

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