9 awesome new knives for Canadian big-game hunters

To the Point

Stay On the Cutting Edge with the Latest Knives Designed for Hunters

Stig Andersen
Stig Andersen

Getting the Edge

When choosing a hunting knife, consider how you’ll carry and use it, and the type of game you plan to hunt.

The Blade

Clip-point blades have a thin end for easily piercing hide, and a long cutting edge (or belly). Drop points also have a long cutting edge; they’re easy to control when cutting around organs, but require more strength to use. A gut hook is handy for splitting open skin without damaging muscle, while a spey point excels at skinning.

The Handle

Fixed-blade, full-tang knives are strong and easy to clean. Folding knives are inherently weaker, and they can get gummed up with grime and gore. On the upside, they’re compact. The most important consideration is to ensure the handle fits your hand firmly and comfortably.

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