Outdoor Canada’s 2018 holiday gift guide for anglers and hunters

Give the gift of outdoor adventure!

The hunters and anglers on your “nice” list will love this gear. How do we know? Because we do!


Fish Monkey makes a variety of gloves for anglers, for activities from filleting to ice fishing to—gulp!—hand-lining big game like tuna. The Crusher is an all-around fish-fighting and handling glove (as associate editor Scott Gardner shows in the muskie shot below.)

It’s made from a four-way quick-drying stretch material with synthetic leather palms for durability and Kevlar reinforcement to protect against cuts, scrapes and even let you to take a wrap on a fish. The exposed fingers mean you can still tie knots and perform other tasks, while being ready for a bite at any time. More info: www.fishmonkeygloves.com

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