9 reasons why every angler should visit northern Manitoba

Want to catch so many fish you lose count? Laurie River Lodge is the place

Northwestern Manitoba has trophy pike, walleye and lake trout

You can reconnect with family and friends

There’s nothing like a fishing trip, where you spend concentrated time together doing cool stuff, for renewing family bonds. Above Lynn (right) who lives in Michigan and his Griffin, who lives in California, show off matching lakers.

In our group of four, we all knew Lynn, but before the trip, none of us had even met each other. Yet within a day, we were all friends, with bonds forged from shared experiences of fishing and fellowship. And believe me, there’s a lot more to tell, so keep an eye out for the full story in an upcoming issue of Outdoor Canada magazine.

Many thanks to Laurie River Lodge owners Brent and Erin Fleck, and their entire staff for making us feel so welcome, and to the great team at Travel Manitoba for their help and support.

Find out more about the Laurie River Lodge at www.laurieriverlodge.com.

Learn more about fishing in Manitoba at www.huntfishmanitoba.ca.

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