2019’s best new ATVs and side-by-sides for the Canadian outdoors

Top ATVs

Venture to your favourite fishing and hunting destinations driving one of the year’s best new ATVs and side-by-sides

On some backcountry trips, a 4×4 truck just isn’t enough. Instead, you need a vehicle that can tackle tough trails, climb over gnarly obstacles and still have enough room for gear or passengers. Enter the versatile ATV and side-by-side, with this year’s models promising to meet the needs of anglers and hunters.

BUYER’S NOTE: The vehicles are presented in alphabetical order. For prices and more information on the ATVs featured here, please contact the manufacturers via the websites. For ease of reference, the following abbreviations appear in the pages ahead.

  • SOHC: Single overhead cam
  • DOHC: Double overhead cam
  • EFI: Electronic fuel injection
  • CVT: Continuously variable transmission
  • TTI: Torsional trailing arm independent
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