2020’s top new backcountry camping gear




Weather is always a wild card when it comes to camping in Canada, so choose your gear based on the worst conditions you’re likely to encounter on your outing.

Shelter & sleep

If you value your slumber, purchase the best shelter and sleeping gear you can afford. Also make sure the accessories match your stature. With a tent, for example, check that it’s big enough for you to lie down and stretch out, and to at least also sit up. The tent should be easy to enter and exit, as well. And along with finding a suitable sleeping bag, try out different sleeping pads for the best fit and comfort.


Food prep

How you choose to cook your meals depends on your culinary ambitions, and how much gear you’re winning to tote into the backcountry. Multi-burner propane stoves are hot, tough and versatile, but also bulky and heavy. Backpacking stoves, on the other hand, are small and light, but less powerful; some are also finicky, and prone to tipping over.