Outpost fishing success isn’t guaranteed, but you can up your odds

6 expert tips for having a great (and budget-friendly) outpost fishing trip


The author’s well-appointed cabin on Whittle Lake


It’s easy to focus on the fishing ahead of all else, but once you’ve booked an outpost, learn everything you can about your cabin and its amenities. This is crucial for planning what to bring, and potential participants may want to know about any creature comforts before signing up.

Conveniences vary widely, but most cabins are equipped with a propane fridge, cooktop and barbecue; many also have an oven, running water and some electrical outlets. Our palatial spot on Whittle Lake had all of that, plus the ultimate luxury—an indoor shower with hot water. The number and type of bedrooms are also important, especially if your group includes couples who might want a little more privacy. When it comes to your cabin, knowledge is comfort.