Outpost fishing success isn’t guaranteed, but you can up your odds

6 expert tips for having a great (and budget-friendly) outpost fishing trip


The right group can make or break a trip


When recruiting anglers, consider the personalities involved, bearing in mind you’ll be together for a week, often in close quarters. Make sure everyone knows they’ll be helping with chores (if possible, bring a sport like Wes who’s enthusiastic and mildly obsessive about cleaning). Attitudes about fishing are also important—some anglers like to go hard all day, while others prefer to take it easy. You don’t all have to be on the same page, as long as there are comfortable parings, and a willingness to compromise.

Finally, be firm and transparent about the costs. Decide early on how you’ll split the expenses, and make sure everyone knows. And if you’re the trip organizer, make it a condition of joining the group for members to immediately pay their share of the deposit. People can often sound serious, only to ghost when it comes time to pony up.