Outpost fishing success isn’t guaranteed, but you can up your odds

6 expert tips for having a great (and budget-friendly) outpost fishing trip


Google Earth can be a surprisingly helpful fishing resource


The whole reason we spend time and money getting to an outpost is because the fishing is so much better than at home. That said, the more you prepare, the more successful you’ll be on the water. Obviously, there’s no substitute for actually being there, but find out as much as possible before arriving. Tips from past visitors are helpful, but just one piece of the puzzle.

For me, nothing beats a good map. Backcountry lakes rarely appear on mapping chips, but there are a surprising number of old-school contour maps available. Google Earth is also helpful, revealing the surrounding landscape, plus weedbeds, sandy beaches, reefs and even drop-offs. It’s not impossible for anglers to get a lost on strange water, so I always print maps for everyone in the group.