6 Incredible Pro Secrets for Patterning Big Bucks This Fall


#3 Habitat Diversity

Whitetails thrive in regions that feature several different habitat types, while areas with only one or two types won’t support many deer at all. A top-notch whitetail hunting area should provide security, water and a wide variety of forage—deer require a diverse diet to flourish, so lands with an abundance of food sources throughout the seasons will attract the most animals.

Larry Smith

A good example of optimal deer country would include a mix of cedar swamp bedding areas, crop fields providing an all-you-can eat buffet, abandoned apple orchards and secretive streams that meander through a hardwood ravine. Whatever the case, deer visit each of the various habitats during their daily routines, travelling along sheltered transition zones. And once you’ve unraveled their movement patterns, you can pinpoint the best ambush sites to intercept them.