Bob Sexton

Blue Fish Radio: How naturalizing the Bay of Quinte’s shoreline will boost the fishery

Outdoor Canada is pleased to present Blue Fish Radio—podcasts about the future of fish and fishing in Canada. The program, produced and hosted by Lawrence Gunther, is dedicated to sharing first-hand angling knowledge, scientific discoveries and supporting local champions who protect and enhance their waters.


Watersheds Canada, which helps communities and shoreline owners enhance and protect the health of lakes and rivers, has taken on a huge project: rehabilitating the mighty Bay of Quinte’s long shoreline, and its related watershed. Working with Quinte Conservation, the three-year goal of this program is to naturalize the shoreline of farms, parks, cottages and homes, by planting native trees, shrubs, groundcovers, wildflowers, and grasses along the water’s edge.


Listen below to hear Blue Fish Radio producer/host Lawrence Gunther in conversation with Chloe Lajoie, of Watersheds Canada, and Maya Navrot, with Quinte Conservation, as they discuss this program, and what it means for the Bay of Quinte and its fishery.

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