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Blue Fish Radio: What We’re Learning from Listening—Literally!—to Fish

What We're Learning from Listening to Fish

Pioneering acoustic research is showing how fish interact with their habitat—and us

Outdoor Canada is pleased to present Blue Fish Radio—podcasts about the future of fish and fishing in Canada. The program, produced and hosted by Lawrence Gunther, is dedicated to sharing first-hand angling knowledge, scientific discoveries and supporting local champions who protect and enhance their waters.

Dr. James Locascio
Dr. James Locascio

Dr. James Locascio (above) from Florida’s Mote Laboratory & Aquarium is pioneering the application of acoustic monitoring to identify key fish habitat. In this episode, Dr. Locascio explains the importance of understanding the fit between fish and their habitat, the different forces that impact this relationship, and how his acoustic research is bringing a new awareness to these interactions. We also gain a greater understanding of how fish listen to us, and what Mote is doing in partnership with anglers to ensure the future of fish and fishing.

To hear the interview now, press PLAY above. To download this podcast to your device, go to the Blue Fish Radio home page.

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