Buying a trolling motor with an iPilot
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Buying a Trolling Motor with an iPilot


The Question

Dear Gord,

I am seriously considering a purchasing trolling motor with i-Pilot. What is the most reliable brand? Do the suppliers offer multiple mounting options?


Ron Mann
Timmins, Ontario

The Answer

With regard to i-Pilots, I have to admit I’m not a fan of wireless, bow-mounted electric trolling motors. I much prefer to stand up front, watch my bow mounted sonar/GPS unit and use my foot controlled cable-drive electric motor to keep me in position.

Having said that, however, I have friends who like to troll for walleye (and other species) using a kicker motor at the back.  They will drop down the front wireless bow mount electric and use it to steer and they love their i-Pilots.


Ditto, when they are sitting over a school of fish and want to remain in one spot, even in current or windy conditions.  They set the i-pPilot, and it keeps them on course.

The MinnKota i-Pilot, by the way, is the gold standard, given that it is the first ever GPS-based trolling motor control system.


A friend,
Gord Pyzer