5 simple maintenance tips to keep your crossbow shooting perfectly



The string and cables require the most attention. A modern, high-performance crossbow produces extensive torque and tension, so string wear will occur if the bow is not correctly tuned, or a cam is not rotating correctly. Even a slight wobble can quickly cause string wear—a broken string will not only cause a dry fire, it can also be dangerous to the shooter.


To avoid such problems, it’s important to regularly wax the string and cables. This will extend the string’s life by making it weather-resistant, controlling fraying and reducing friction. Wax will also prevent the string from drying up and possibly shrinking. Just be sure to use proper bowstring wax or lubricant, such as Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bowstring Lubricant. Apply the wax or lubricant onto the entire length of the string and cables, working it in with your fingertips or a soft piece of leather (the rubbing creates friction to better adhere the wax to the string and cables).

When considering a new crossbow, consider the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and when to replace the string, which can range from 200 to 1,200 shots. Some manufacturers, meanwhile, recommend changing the string every two years or less. Regardless, a well-maintained string lasts longer.