6 pro tips for hunting white-tailed deer on public land



While hiking deep into the timber is my primary strategy for DIY hunts on crown land, it’s not always necessary. Once every few outings, especially during the shotgun or muzzleloader seasons, I’ll check potential bedding areas that are more exposed (assuming other people aren’t in the vicinity). Where do you find such areas? You’d be surprised how little cover is sometimes required to hide a sly bruiser from view. I’ve bumped bucks bedded midday from a wide variety places, including: a mound of dirt in a wide open field; a round hay bale; a two-acre hillside grove of sumacs; a shady tree in an open meadow; and the edge of a cornfield. Sometimes, a buck’s best hiding spot can be right under your nose, and public land is no exception. The takeaway here? Stay on your toes.