Angler apps

Record and share your catches (and much more) with these handy smartphone apps

Want to keep track of the number and sizes of the fish you catch, complete with details on when, where and how you caught them (and much more)? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are quite a few apps for that. Here is a sampling.



Anglers’ Log

For Android and iOS


The promise: “Anglers’ Log is a utility application that allows users to track, analyze, and share their catches in the sport of fishing. Manage your own catches, trips, species, locations, baits, and more! Share your trophy catches using your favorite social media site, and analyze your success with the detailed statistics feature.”




For iOS only

The promise: “Log gear, record fishing trips, and share memories. ANGLR’s fishing technology elevates your trips through one-of-a-kind features designed to compliment each step of the fishing journey. Whether you’re planning a weekend or simply looking for boat ramp access, recording a trip or logging a catch, determined to improve or wanting to relive your favorite memories on the water, our platform makes it possible.”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “Seven-day marine forecasts with wind, wave, and water temperatures. Real time NOAA marine buoy & USGS inland station monitoring with tidal prediction, water flow & water level forecasts. With over 45 catch attributes you can easily organize and track your fishing experiences. Automatically tag a catch with complete weather and forecast data. Connect with anglers both locally or around the globe. Share your catches, create groups and join conversations.”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “We are a Fishing App that provides all the tools you need to become a better angler, every time you hit the water. Increase your chances. Target species at the best time possible with our fishing forecast. Not sure where to fish? Want to target a specific species? Fishbrain can provide recommendations near you. Remember what you found and where you found it. You’ll never have to remember that honey-hole ever again. Track catches, see trends, and more with your own personal fishing logbook. A journal of every fish you’ve ever caught at your fingertips. Depth maps are your underwater eyes, helping you pinpoint depth changes and find structure where fish concentrate.”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “At sea, river or lake, your fishing log is always with you (and works offline). Take or import a picture, indicate the species, the size, the weight of the fish and the associated my equipment. FishFriender is the space of exchange privileged of all the actors of the fishing: fishermen, professionals (guides, distributors, retailers, etc.), institutions (federations, associations, etc.). Together, let’s bring together the millions of fishermen around the world who share the same passion as us to build the fishing of tomorrow!”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “Innovative Technology. It’s why we came together with a common vision to create a one-of-a-kind fishing resource to give anglers of all kinds the chance to catch more fish through the use of interactive fishing maps, social connections and tons of proven, valuable information on thousands of waterways across the country. To us, it’s a good thing and makes the world a better place. Ninety per cent of fish are found in 10% of water. It’s true. Understanding the underwater landscape is crucial to success. It’s why we are a MAP-based social network. We partnered with the best fishing map-maker in the world, Fishing Hot Spots® . Our algorithms and our social community’s GPS enabled spots, catches, social connections gives our members the opportunity to eliminate unproductive water and head straight to the action.”


Fishing Log

For Android only

The promise: “Now you will never forget any fishing trip. You can store number of catches for each species, detailed catches, notes and photos. Everything is formatted so you can read it like diary. You can display diary content only for one selected water. You will see everything from that water several years back. You can find what type of baits you were using last year at this time and use them again. Everything saved to diary is processed to charts in statistics. You can see how many fish did you catch this year compared to all years before. Average fish number per month, representation of fish species, average fishing days in month, and much more.”



For Android only

The promise: “FishMemo is a great fishing app for every fisherman. It gives anglers a fast and efficient way to log all important information about their fishing trips. Adding catches while angling requires only a few seconds even when the app is closed. Use FishMemo fishing app to log and analyze your fishing trips, find out what and when is biting, what weather conditions are the best for a specific place.”


Fishing Points

For Android and iOS

The promise: “Save your favourite fishing locations, trotlines and trolling paths. Find them using GPS and compass in your phone. Prepare for a fishing trip and discover when fish will be the most active during the day. Fish activity forecast predicts the best fishing times, based on solunar theory and tides. Create a fishing log and save details of every catch (photos, weight, length). Weather, solunar and tide information are added automatically for further analysis.”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “The Angler action program aims to improve the fish habitat using a voluntary community based approach to report your catch logs. The Angler Action portal and apps provide an easy to use method of recording your trips as well as each fish. Your Trips are saved on the server and can be retrieved at any time. It takes about 3 minutes on a average for a new angler to setup the app, create a trip and log their first catch. Provide the species, add a picture, record your observation – keep or release it. You can mark a location as favorite and keep coming back to log there. Share your trip summary with friends on social media.”


iFish Series

For Android and iOS

The promise: “The iFish series of Apps offer fishermen across the country a user-friendly and intuitive guide to fishing. Perfect for everyone, from beginners to the seasoned angler. Easily find a lake near you and view detailed information on it. Get real time lake reports, weather conditions and best fishing times. Review and mark your favorite HotSpots, record your catches and learn tips, tricks and techniques.”


MP Fishing Log

For Android

The promise: “MP Fishing Log – is a logbook for registration of catches and fishing trophies. Many fishermen keep their records in paper notebooks. Will always be available this fishing logbook with old records? A mobile phone can almost always! With MP Fishing Log you will not needs to move hands apart to show the size of the fish. Just show your photos and record in you angler’s logbook!”



For Android and iOS

The promise: “MyCatch is a simple way to track your catches & assist fisheries biologists in getting real time data from anglers about catch rates, species distribution and other research topics. Protecting your data is important to us. The details of your trip and catch logs will be confidentially shared with biologists and researchers for their fisheries work. Your secret spot stays secret. There is an urgent need to collect data from lakes and rivers across Canada. Traditional survey methods are expensive and as a result, thousands of waterbodies are left unmonitored. MyCatch is designed to help solve this problem.”



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