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Fishing on Lake Athabasca: Day 3


Day three here at Lakers Unlimited’s Spring Bay Lodge on Lake Athabasca did not disappoint. We hit the pike hard this morning for about three and half hours, putting five over 40 inches in the boat out of 60-plus fish in total. It was crazy good. I’m still waiting for my 45-inch plus monster, though. For lunch we booted out to the main lake and floated around eating sandwiches, then it was on to the lake trout: five over 20 pounds, plus another dozen or so in the teens, made it to the boat. And out of those, Ted and I scored three double-headers.

That’s a lot of quality fish, especially if you consider we had to cut things short when an ominous electrical storm rolled in. I say ominous because I started getting shocks in the boat, four in all from touching rods, the gunwale and Ted’s shoulder. Ted and Bryan thought I as BS-ing them until the tip of a rod started crackling like static on an AM radio. With thunder rumbling in the distance, that’s all the warning the three of us needed to hunker down in the bottom of the boat and book it back to camp.


Well, I have to cut this short, as the solar power here at camp is in short supply. Until tomorrow…