5 fantastic fishing books you should read this winter

In my early teens, after just a few years of fly fishing, I’d already travelled to Labrador, Scotland, Vancouver Island, Key West, the Caribbean and beyond. With each destination, I was entertained and instructed by great masters and innovators of the sport. Am I the progeny of privileged and pedigreed anglers? Hardly—I had a library card.


In those days before the internet or the Sportsman Channel, books were one of the rare windows to the wider world of fly fishing. And with my burgeoning obsession, I devoured them. Some were good, some weren’t, but I learned something from each one. And today, especially in the off-season, I still find inspiration, entertainment and advice in fishing books. Here are a few of my favourite titles, both new and classic, that might do the same for you over the cold winter months.