5 fantastic fishing books you should read this winter

Hooked on books

Keep your mind in the fly-fishing game with these winter reads

Fly Patterns by Fishing Guides: 200 Flies That Really Work

The only thing more numerous than fly patterns may be books about fly patterns, with most featuring the same old flies. Honestly, YouTube videos are a better fly-tying resource these days. But every fly in this 2013 book was a revelation to me. Why? Because they’re little-known patterns designed by fishing guides to ensure their clients catch fish. Somehow, author Tony Lolli pried the patterns loose from their creators, and presents them here in a spiral-bound hardcover, complete with large colour photos and tying instructions. I’ve personally used patterns learned from this book for trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, Arctic grayling and bonefish, so yes, they really work.

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