Gord Pyzer

How the Doc modifies his Williams Whitefish spoons


The Williams Whitefish spoon in the half gold / half silver Nu-Wrinkle finish is my “go to” bait for catching lake trout and northern pike.  And with a unique twist, it is also something that I never leave at home when I am fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon.

Truth of the matter is I will go nowhere in Canada to fish for these four species without a tackle box stuffed with the quintessential all-Canadian lure.


I’ve simply seen the Whitefish spoon perform its magic too many times and have used it too often to make extraordinary catches to leave home without it.

I should hasten to add, as well, as I explain in more detail in the following video, that I almost never fish the lures straight out the package, preferring instead, to take them into the operating room where I perform some minor plastic surgery.

Hey, there is a reason they call me, “Doc“.


Should mention, too, that this is the 100th Anniversary of the Williams spoon in Canada and the company is giving away 10 exquisitely boxed sets of spoons that are collectors items.  Trust me, when you see what you might win, this is one contest you don’t want to miss entering.

And speaking of entering, it is free, so long as insert this code WLM100A when you complete the entry form here.


Now, pour yourself a cup of coffee, put up your feet and watch how I modify the Williams Whitefish spoon to catch more and bigger lake trout, northern pike and salmon than you could ever imagine possible.