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Looking for a challenge? How about tackling monster channel catfish on a fly rod


Stu Thompson
Stu Thompson

The Deadly DDH

Since developing the DDH Leech in 1995, I’ve shared the pattern with friends all over the world. To date, 80 species of fresh- and saltwater fish in 12 countries have fallen prey to its seductive powers. The name comes from the first body materials I used: long rabbit hair blended with Diamond Dub Holographic—a finely fibred flash material. To give the fly even more action, tie it to your leader using a loop knot.

  • Hook: 2X long nymph hook (such as Talon SA-163c), sizes 4 through 8
  • Eyes: Bead chain, sized to fly and desired sink rate
  • Tying thread: Size 3/0 to match body colour
  • Dubbing loop Thread: Size A rod-wrapping thread
  • Tail: Marabou, 1 to 1½ times the hook length
  • Body: Rough dubbing loop of Superfly Diamond Dub or DD-fur blend

For full instructions on tying the DDH Leech, see