Adrian Skok

Hunting ptarmigan in winter: The 5 things you need to know

Snow birds

How to venture north for willow ptarmigan—some of the best wingshooting in Canada 

#2: Bring the right gear

Adrian Skok
Adrian Skok

Hunting for willow ptarmigan doesn’t require any specialized equipment. All you really need is a reliable snowmobile, helmet, shotgun and ammunition, appropriate cold-weather clothing and boots and, if required by local regulations, a hunter-safety orange vest.

In remote locations, you should also tow a toboggan with essential survival gear. Along with a survival kit, bring an axe, rope, snowshoes, fire starter, spare snowmobile parts and extra fuel. I also throw my GPS in my backpack to keep track of my route while stalking ptarmigan across the near endless northern landscape.

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