Photo credit: J.J. Guy Longtin

10 pro tricks for hunting late-season whitetails



In most places, deer change their bedding hideouts once winter starts. For midday hunts, target south-facing hillsides and cedar swamp edges. The hillsides appeal to our cloven-hoofed prey because they provide more exposure to the warming sun, while reducing the impact of the cold north wind.


Thick cedar bushes along swamp edges, on the other hand, offer significant shelter from the wind and snow. Plus, the cedar boughs above the bedded deer can help trap a bit of heat, while providing some of their favourite browse. No wonder this is where you’ll most likely find deer on the coldest winter days.

A bedded buck is more likely to sit tight and let you walk past during the post-rut than at any other time of the year, so be cautious and keep your eyes peeled on your way in and out. Always still-hunt when you’re on the move, and play the wind.