Photo credit: J.J. Guy Longtin

10 pro tricks for hunting late-season whitetails


Photo: Rawpixel

It’s the grand finale. In many regions of Canada, you can hunt bruiser white-tailed bucks from early autumn through to winter, and the snapping cold post-rut has proven to be a favourite go-time for experienced, die-hard hunters. By the time our land becomes the great white north, most other hunters have hung up their gear, refusing to adapt to the added challenges of cold-weather hunting. That means hunter pressure drops like the thermometer, making it the perfect time for those in the know to seal the deal on a trophy buck.

In recent years across much of the country, snow has covered the landscape well before season’s end, making this late-season opportunity even more irresistible thanks to all the clues left behind. And keeping up with the seasonal behavioural changes of big bucks is one of the thrills of this extended pursuit—but also one of its challenges. Here are 10 tips to make your deer season a buzzer beater, letting you take home a heavy-bodied, thick-beamed, freezer-filling whitetail.