I drove 13 hours to fish Missinaibi Provincial Park. Here are 7 reasons why it was worth it


Photos: Danielle Scepanovic

#2  Missinaibi Lake is a magnificent piece of water

“Big Miss” as longtime visitors sometimes call it, is long, narrow and deep, plunging to 300 feet in several places. It’s shaped like “y,” with a main section that’s 40 kilometres long, and a northeast arm, Baltic Bay, that’s 20 clicks long. However the lake is rarely more than a kilometre wide, so it’s relatively easy to navigate, and even in poor weather you can usually find sheltered areas to fish.


The setting is classic Canadian Shield. In fact, in a small bay not far from the park’s boat launch, I spotted an amazing and textbook glacial erratic (above). That is, a boulder left by retreating glaciers that looks different from—and is clearly not part of—the exposed bedrock around it. These are so common across the Canadian Shield that it’s easy to forget that most places in the world don’t have dump truck-sized rocks randomly laying around.