How do you enjoy Northern Ontario fly-in fishing without a taking plane? On a boat-in adventure!


With no floatplane involved, the outside world remains accessible

Boat-in trips give you extra control and independence

When a floatplane drops you off, you’d better be happy where you are, since it’s not coming back for a week. Or if, for some reason, you need to leave the outpost mid-trip, you’ve got to call the airbase on a satellite phone, hope they can get to you, and pay a small fortune for this special flight.

Because we were just two boat trips and a short hike away from our vehicles, they were still accessible. If you, for example, forget your fishing licence or pancake mix or landing net in the car, you could go back and get it. In addition, if someone in your group needed medical help, or if you got word of a family emergency, you can get out on your own. Of course, you hope like heck that never happens, but it’s a comfort to know the door is open if you need it.