5 expert tips for spotting and stalking big bull moose


Always carry good, lightweight binos when spotting and stalking


Spot-and-stalk hunting in moose country requires a lot of walking through nasty terrain, so wear breathable, waterproof boots that provide good ankle support. Otherwise, the water, mud, uneven ground and fallen trees will quickly take their toll on your feet.

Good-quality, lightweight binoculars that enable you to see into the shadows and distinguish a moose’s hump from a stump are also a must. I suggest going with standard 8×42 or 10×50 binoculars, rather than compact 10×28 binoculars. Although standard binoculars are bigger and bulkier than compacts, they’re more efficient at gathering light during critical low-light periods, increasing your chances of seeing a moose.


Whichever binoculars you choose, carry them close to your chest with a harness strap to take the weight off your neck and distribute it along your back and shoulders. A harness will also prevent the binoculars from swinging and banging against your gunstock or trees as you move along.

When spotting and stalking, shooting opportunities are often at close range, so using a low-power riflescope will allow you to thread the needle through a patch of trees. Since there may also be shooting opportunities at longer ranges if a moose is spotted on the far side of a clearing or on the opposite side of a swampy area, opt for a variable-power scope between a 1X–6X and a 4X–12X.