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I’m hoping you can give me some information about this Liege shotgun (above) that was given to my father many years ago by an old Montreal friend. It was given to me after my father’s passing, and if it has any value I will probably be looking to cash it in. I remember my father using it with 2¾-inch shells for rabbit hunting. Thanks for your time and trouble. I’ve been reading Outdoor Canada since I was a boy, and I still enjoy every issue!



From around 1880 to the start of the First World War, a great many double shotguns with external hammers were made in Belgium under various trade names. The quality of materials and workmanship varied widely, although guns from Liege United appear to be quite well made. The external hammer models had the model name “Columbia,” while later production of hammerless shotguns carried the model name “Leader.” There’s not a lot of collector or shooter interest in old external hammer shotguns, but with its good fit and finish, yours should bring in $250 to perhaps $400 at an auction. Personally, I would keep it as a collectible wallhanger, and not shoot it.

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