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2016’s Best New Bowhunting Gear: 5 Awesome Crossbows

Assembled crossbow

2016's Best New Crossbows

Check Out the Latest Crossbows from Wicked Ridge, Carbon Express, Excalibur, TenPoint and Browning

Presenting Outdoor Canada’s exclusive annual roundup of the top new crossbows for Canadian hunters. Also see the year’s top bows and the best new arrows and accessories.

Carbon Nitro RDX
Carbon Nitro RDX

Carbon Nitro RDX

TenPoint’s first reverse-draw crossbow, the Carbon Nitro RDX, measures just 10 inches between axles when drawn. The 165-pound limbs produce speeds of up to 385 fps, while the 3.5-pound trigger feels like that of a fine rifle. Keeping the overall weight at a manageable 7.8 pounds are the 20-inch carbon fibre-wrapped barrel and polymer stock. The bow comes with a cocking device, arrows, scope and quiver, along with a dry-fire inhibitor and other safety features.

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