How to land big, strong fish without breaking your fly rod
Dec 12, 2017
For fighting heavyweights on the fly, take this advice from the corner
Fly Fishing
Want to land a monster fall muskie? Toss a giant bait into moving water
Dec 7, 2017
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer reveals his top fall muskie spots—and why they’re all rivers
Why TV's Fish'n Canada braves sleet and snow on the Bay of Quinte
Dec 4, 2017
It’s all about landing giant walleye—maybe your biggest ever
How to tie the Peanut Butter fly: Expert tips and video
Dec 3, 2017
Tying this lethal streamer isn’t hard, but you need to know a few tricks
Fly Fishing
4 secrets for locating late-fall walleye, bass, northern pike, muskies and yellow perch
Nov 17, 2017
As water temperatures drop, the fish move—a lot. Here's how Gord Pyzer finds 'em
4 simple—but incredibly effective—lessons we can learn from saltwater fly anglers
Oct 26, 2017
When fly-fishing lakes and rivers, try these tactics perfected by our saltwater friends
Fly Fishing
One simple trick to catch more and bigger northern pike this fall
Oct 16, 2017
The biggest pike always think with their stomachs. Here’s how you can capitalize
Gear review: Pelican's Argo 100 Angler kayak is a great catch
Sep 28, 2017
Canadian made and under $500, it’s ideal for your first cast into kayak fishing
This is why the Fish'N Canada TV hosts love Saskatchewan's Last Mountain Lake
Sep 25, 2017
Drive-to destination boasts non-stop northern pike and walleye action
To land Atlantic salmon on the fly, you need timing, luck, sage advice—and maybe some divine intervention
Sep 19, 2017
On his trip to N.B.’s Miramichi River, OC’s editor-in-chief finally got all four
Why a top New Brunswick pro only uses two—yes, two—smallmouth bass lures
Sep 15, 2017
A river-fishing master shares his old-school secrets with Gord Pyzer
Climb aboard a Newfoundland dory for an old-school East Coast angling adventure
Sep 8, 2017
Traditional fishing boats offer exciting angling, followed by a “scoff” of freshly caught cod
Why Canada needs to create more access for disabled anglers
Sep 7, 2017
Getting on—or even to—the water is often difficult, but it doesn’t have to be
The 19 items every angler needs on a remote fishing expedition
Sep 5, 2017
This expert wilderness paddler’s must-have rods, reels, lures and accessories may surprise you
Canada at 150: Hunting and fishing have changed a lot, but the adventure continues
Sep 4, 2017
How our hard-won conservation ethic is preserving fish and game for future generations
Great advice on fishing (and life) from Manitoba musician Kevin Roy
Sep 1, 2017
Alt-country singer-songwriter on fishing tackle for touring, setting priorities and more
Why TV's Fish'N Canada hosts call Esnagi Lake "magical"
Aug 29, 2017
Legendary lake has tremendous walleye fishing, plus brook trout, lakers and northern pike
Slamming salmon: mid-summer chinook action on Lake Ontario
Aug 22, 2017
Outdoor Canada's Patrick Walsh and Bob Sexton head out onto Lake Ontario with Islander Precision Reels' Steve Rennalls to catch big chinook salmon
4 muskie masters reveal their top trolling tactics for monster fish
Aug 21, 2017
Secret strategies that keep hard-core muskie hunters catching giants all season long
The lethal walleye lure you're not using—even though it's already in your tacklebox!
Aug 11, 2017
Gord Pyzer reveals why walleye love tube jigs, and how to fish ’em perfectly
How anglers can stay safe in the searing summer sun
Aug 7, 2017
9 new items to help you get serious about sun safety—before it’s too late
Think you can't catch prairie walleye in summer? Think again!
Aug 4, 2017
5 tactics to help you whack western walleye—even on summer's hottest dog days
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