Perch paella: Give your winter's catch some spicy Spanish flair
Jan 9, 2017
How to transform that bucket of yellow perch into a zesty, hearty meal
Venison Burgundy: This hearty stew will make the most of your whitetail roast
Dec 2, 2016
Simmering low and slow brings out unbelievable flavours in your venison
Delectable Duck Legs: How to cook ’em slow with a mango and honey glaze
Sep 29, 2016
Did you know properly cooked duck legs are way tastier than breast meat? Here’s the recipe
Maple Salmon: Take your shorelunch up a notch with this easy recipe
Jul 8, 2016
This simple, tasty salmon dish is sweet, salty and buttery—all at once
Turkey Fricassee: A hearty way to serve up your springtime tom
May 16, 2016
Make this simple, yet sublime dish of wild turkey, simmered with mushrooms and pearl onions
How to make this crispy, mouthwatering baked walleye dish
Mar 18, 2016
A healthy alternative to frying that won't make your house smell like grease
Ice-fishing Friday: 4 fantastic fish feasts you can make on the ice
Feb 26, 2016
These easy-to-make fish dishes will warm up your day on the hardwater
Goose burgers: A tasty way to serve waterfowl in winter
Jan 7, 2016
Fire up the grill and try this awesome alternative to beef burgers
Venison breakfast sausage: A savoury start to any hunter’s day
Dec 15, 2015
Make a hearty heaping of patties with this great game recipe
Duck delight: A spicy taste of the Far East
Oct 21, 2015
This fall, try a fresh, flavorful take on traditional waterfowl recipes
Tequila trout: A savoury salsa topping for summer
Aug 14, 2015
A quick, fresh salsa served on tequila-doused brookie fillets is the perfect hot-weather meal
Pike chili: A recipe to spice up your spring
Jun 5, 2015
A hearty, flavourful take on an overlooked table fish—Canada’s humble northern pike
The ultimate beer-battered walleye recipe
Apr 3, 2015
This classic take on a Canadian favourite blends two of our country’s favourite pastimes: fishing and quaffing
Southern-style pulled venison
Feb 2, 2015
With big flavour and a touch of heat, this recipe will give your deer a delicious dash of Dixie BBQ
Walleye Italiano
Dec 15, 2014
Add a taste of the Old World to your catch of the day
Gord’s Gorgeous Goose
Dec 11, 2014
A delectable slow-roasted goose dish, from fishing editor Gord Pyzer
Goose Week 2014: Goose Stew
Dec 9, 2014
Turn tough goose thighs info fork-tender morsels with this flavour-packed stew
East-west salmon
Jun 25, 2014
A mix of Asian and Canadian tastes for your summer catch
Turkey Al Greco recipe
May 5, 2014
A Mediterranean makeover for your prized spring bird
Rainbow Crepes
Apr 15, 2014
Add a dash of French flair to your next trout dinner.
Classic Fish Chowder
Jan 13, 2014
This flavourful feast is the perfect way to cap off a day on the ice
Fish Stew Italiano
Jan 13, 2014
What better way to take away the chills from a day on the ice than a steaming bowl of stew?
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