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Tackle Week 2015: 10 Must-have New Lures for Canadian Anglers

2015's Best New Lures

The Hottest Soft Plastics, Crankbaits, Topwaters, Spinners, Spoons and More

Best Big-fish Bait

Royal Orba

Royal Orba

When Jon Bondy told me his new lure was better than his namesake Bondy Bait, I couldn’t believe it. But if early sales are any indication, muskie and pike anglers agree. Featuring a large blunt nose and an elevated slithering tail reminiscent of a Bulldawg-type bait, the Royal Orba moves a ton of water. And with twin Colorado blades at the back, it vibrates and flashes so that big fish can easily home in on it, especially in stained and dirty water. Measuring 13 inches long and weighing 7.7 ounces, the Royal Orba is a big bait meant for big fish.

More Info: Bondy Bait Company, (519) 800-7004

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