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Tackle Week 2015: 10 Must-have New Lures for Canadian Anglers

2015's Best New Lures

The Hottest Soft Plastics, Crankbaits, Topwaters, Spinners, Spoons and More

The massive International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades Show (or ICAST) is like Disney World for anglers, and not just because it was held in Orlando, Florida. It was a tough decision, but here are my favourite new baits for Canadian waters. Also see the year’s best new rods and reels, and 2015’s must-have new angling accessories.

Best Walleye Catcher

Trolling Rig

Trolling Rig

Combining Mepps’ legendary spinner with the features of a crawler harness, the Trolling Rig features an interchangeable spiral-wound stainless steel clevis that lets you change blades at will. The rig spins with the slightest pressure and slowest speed, while the floating body keeps it off the bottom to avoid snags. You can choose a multi-coloured bucktail skirt for clear to moderately stained water, or a tinsel skirt for dirty conditions. And the ultra-flexible, kink-resistant, 20-pound braided stainless steel cable features a replaceable stinger treblehook.

More Info: Brecks International Inc., (819) 563-2115

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