Yearling Baitball Rattlebait

Tackle Week 2015: 10 Must-have New Lures for Canadian Anglers

2015's Best New Lures

The Hottest Soft Plastics, Crankbaits, Topwaters, Spinners, Spoons and More

Best Blade Bait

Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade

Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade

Most chatterbait-style lures are skirted jigs designed to be fished in and around cover, such as vegetation and wood. But the Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade is made specifically for clear, open water. Features include a see-through plastic lip that folds down when a fish hits, and a custom Gamakatsu hook. And instead of a skirt, the Naked Rage Blade comes dressed with a Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow; you can also use any other baitfish imitation.

More Info: Strike King, (901) 853-1455

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