2015’s Best New Hunting Gear: 5 Fantastic Shotguns

2015's Best New Shotguns

From a Slim 28-guage, To an Ultra-modern Over/Under To a Fine Semi-auto Smoothbore, There's Something for Every Shotgunner

V3 Field Sport

V3 Field Sport
V3 Field Sport

Unlike other gas-operated semi-autos, the V3’s gas ports lie directly in front of the receiver, allowing for a more compact receiver as well as superior balance and swing. Not an extension of the successful Versa Max, this 12-gauge features an all-new design from the ground up. Available in walnut and synthetic (including Mossy Oak Blades camo), both the 26- and 28-inch models are chambered for three-inch loads.

1-800-243-9700; www.remington.com

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