2015’s Best New Hunting Gear: 5 Fantastic Shotguns

2015's Best New Shotguns

From a Slim 28-guage, To an Ultra-modern Over/Under To a Fine Semi-auto Smoothbore, There's Something for Every Shotgunner

Stevens 555

Stevens 555
Stevens 555

Marketed under the Stevens banner, Savage’s 555 is a great entry-level shotgun available in both 12- and 20-gauge models. Chambered for three-inch shells, these over-unders feature Turkish walnut stocks, extractors, selective barrels, tang safeties and interchangeable choke tubes. The six-pound 12-gauge is equipped with 28-inch chrome-lined barrels; the 5.5-pound 20-gauge has a 26-inch barrel.

Savage Arms
(705) 652-8000; www.savagearms.com

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