(Clockwise from top left) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada; Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party of Canada; Leader Jagmeet Singh, New Democratic Party of Canada; Leader Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada

We asked Canada’s federal party leaders about hunting and fishing issues. Here’s what they said


Question 2: Do you and your party oppose any measures that would impede Canadian anglers and hunters from pursuing their heritage sports?

TRUDEAU: Anglers and hunters know the importance of engaging citizens in fisheries and wildlife resource management, as well as the conservation and sustainable use of these valuable resources, so they may be enjoyed by future generations. That is why our government is wholeheartedly committed to protecting our wildlife and marine environments.


While the Conservatives gutted the Fisheries Act in 2012, our government is taking action to ensure that our fisheries and environment are protected so that Canadians can continue to enjoy recreational fishing and hunting. The new Fisheries Act adds important safeguards for our fisheries, including measures to rebuild damaged fish stocks and restore degraded habitat. We are investing $107.4 million to rebuild our major fish stocks to ensure that they are healthy and sustainable for years to come. We are also making an investment of $250 million to maintain and renew our small craft harbours.

Rural tourism is also one of the key pillars of our new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, launched this past May. As part of the strategy, the new Canadian Experiences Fund will prioritize investments in rural and remote communities to create new middle class jobs and economic opportunities, and to entice tourists to the many beautiful, lesser-known parts of the country. This fund is open to all local organizations—including sportfishing and hunting projects—and will help rural communities build on their strengths to transition to a more diverse, sustainable economy.



SCHEER: Yes. We will oppose all measures that prevent the pursuit of hunting and angling that have no environmental or public safety benefit.


SINGH: The NDP understands that everyone benefits from wildlife conservation and research. We’re committed to evidence-based policy for protecting our lands, wildlife and water. A New Democratic government will restore scientific capacity in government departments; it is not responsible to offer a prescriptive solution to a problem without the science needed to make an informed decision.


MAY: The Green Party of Canada does not routinely oppose or support such measures. These determinations are always made on a case-by-case basis. We did oppose changes to the Navigable Waters Act that allowed oil and gas companies to restrict access to rivers and lakes, and endanger fish populations.