(Clockwise from top left) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada; Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party of Canada; Leader Jagmeet Singh, New Democratic Party of Canada; Leader Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada

We asked Canada’s federal party leaders about hunting and fishing issues. Here’s what they said


Question 5: Do you and your party support the time-tested North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, whereby science determines the setting of fish and game policy?

TRUDEAU: Our government fully supports and has made significant investments in evidence-based decision making. For example, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has hired close to 300 new scientists and researchers across the country. These experts are doing important work every day to protect our whales, safeguard our ecosystems and ensure healthy fish stocks. Unlike the Conservative government that fired hundreds of researchers and muzzled scientists, our government is taking action to ensure that we are protecting our oceans and the environment, based on science and evidence.



SCHEER: Yes. Science is critical to understanding the habitat requirements and population dynamics of important fish and game species. The only way to ensure that Canadians can continue to enjoy all of the benefits of a healthy environment for generations to come is to root government policy in science.



SINGH: The NDP recognizes the value of the sportfishery across Canada. We believe that where stocks are viable and stable, all sectors deserve a fair proportion based on scientific advice for maintaining a sustainable fishery.


MAY: The Green Party of Canada is committed to evidence-based decision-making, and we use scientific research to create our policies. Scientific evidence is essential for setting fish and game policy.