Tackle Week 2020: 11 amazing new lures for fishing in Canada


A wild new selection of hard, soft, smelly and even motorized baits for walleye, trout, bass, pike, muskies and panfish

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Best Cutting-Edge Lure



When I first saw the self-propelled Animated Lure in action, I barely believed my eyes. Developed in Silicon Valley, the three-section articulated bait is electronically programmed to swim in a random, lifelike pattern after hitting water. Charged via USB, the robotic lure can swim for up to three hours under a float or while suspended beneath the ice. Available in three sizes and a wide variety of baitfish patterns, it is a great lure for the toughest to catch fish.

Learn more: Animated Lure, 418-889-0909; www.animatedlure.com