2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Canada’s picks for folks who love fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure


Photo: Mikko Oja/Pixabay

It’s that time again! Check out this season’s outdoor gift guide, compiled by the editors of Outdoor Canada. How do we know anglers and hunters will love these gift ideas? Because we do!



The remarkably clever, Canadian-invented RUX is a large, rugged, weatherproof cube for organizing and hauling gear. But unlike plastic bins or duffle bags, the RUX has a rigid frame, but flexible sides so it easily collapses for small loads or off-season storage. Inside, it has a  unique hook and rail-system for accessories like the three-litre RUX Pocket and 25-litre RUX Bag (included in the Essentials Bundle), which act as dividers or carriers themselves. Other nifty features include the folding lid, handles that can be configured into backpack straps and a clear window in the side, so you can see what you packed. And it comes in green, tan, black and orange. I’ve had a RUX for about two months, and it’s become one of those pieces of gear I didn’t know I needed, but now I can’t live without. In late summer, I kept it in the car to organize my kayak-fishing accessories. Then I used it to haul gear into a cottage for a weekend, then around town for hauling groceries. Now it’s folded up my closet, waiting to manage my ice-fishing gear. And I suspect there are many more creative uses in its future—a long future, since it has a lifetime guarantee.

Learn more: www.rux.life

OC associate editor Scott Gardner