Via Gord Pyzer
Via Gord Pyzer

5 Mag Award Nominations for Outdoor Canada


Nominations for the 33rd annual National Magazine Awards were announced last night at a special event in Montreal, and once again Outdoor Canada is up for several honours. In all, the magazine and its contributors earn five nominations.

Leading the pack with two nominations apiece are Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer and Field Editor Mark Anderson. The fifth nomination goes to the collective of staff, field editors and contributors (including, again, Gord Pyzer) who participated in last summer issue’s Ultimate Skills Guide.


Also earning multiple nominations are two of Outdoor Canada’s sister magazines at Quarto / Q on Q Media. Explore picked up an impressive 19 nominations, while Cottage Life garnered nine. Both titles are among the top 10 magazines with the most nominations.

The nominations were selected from among 390 submissions from 84 different Canadian magazines in 47 written, visual, integrated and online categories.

Congratulations all! Here are the nominations for Outdoor Canada and its contributors:


How-to Category

  • Ultimate Skills Guide (Summer 2009), by Ken Bailey, Craig Blackie, Alan Davy, Gord Deval, Aaron Kylie, Jake MacDonald, Jim McLennan, Wayne Phillips, Gord Pyzer, Mark Raycroft, T.J. Schwanky, Bob Sexton, Ryan Shervill, Judy Wearing & Patrick Walsh
  • Hardwater Action Guide (Winter 2009), by Gord Pyzer
  • Why You Need Slow Death (May 2009), by Gord Pyzer

Sports & Recreation Category

  • How Hard Could It Be? (April 2009), by Mark Anderson
  • The Fly Boys (May 2009), by Mark Anderson