6 secrets of hunting success from the Canadian who filled 6 tags last season

Luck and being in the right place helped the author get his moose


After five days, my October moose hunt in northern Alberta last year was turning into a bit of a bust. It was cold and rainy, and worse, my hunting partner and I hadn’t seen a single moose the whole time. I was ready to call it quits and head home, but instead I decided to try one more spot. Immediately after letting out a cow call, I heard that beautiful and unmistakable grunt of a bull. Then I saw flashes of his silver back through the pine trees as he charged towards us, stopping broadside at 75 yards. I took my shot, and he dropped just 10 yards from the lakeshore, making it easy to load him into the canoe.

You could say I simply got lucky on that hunt, because I absolutely did get lucky. But to get lucky, you first need to put yourself in a situation where that can happen. That means doing the hard things to give yourself the best chance for success: hike to your stand in the dark; stay out glassing until last light; explore new territory; and resist the ever-tempting urge to head home early. The more time you spend hunting, the luckier you’ll get.