6 secrets of hunting success from the Canadian who filled 6 tags last season

The author’s 2020 mule deer capped a morning of family fun at camp


One warm November morning last year, I was thrilled to be with my dad watching a herd of mule deer does through the spotting scope. We were drinking coffee, relaxing and reminiscing while hoping for a buck to show up. As we basked in that amazing moment, I noticed some movement behind us—a big buck was wandering by at 20 yards. I whispered to my dad to look, then whisper-yelled at him to put down his binoculars as the deer was right there. He saw the buck just as I dropped it within spitting distance of our position.

That morning was so much fun, I won’t forget it anytime soon. Hunting is full of that type of camaraderie, as well as adventure and moments of pure excitement. On the flipside, it can also be demoralizing and challenging. Throughout it all, though, I continuously remind myself to be thankful for every minute I’m out there, to soak up the beauty of creation and to have fun—regardless of what I bring home.