6 secrets of hunting success from the Canadian who filled 6 tags last season

Having the proper apparel and shelter was key to the author’s ram hunt


In early September last year, a buddy and I were 50 kilometres deep in the Rocky Mountains, hiking up steep slopes and glassing for sheep. Many days were cold, wet and windy. One morning, I even woke up to find my tent sagging under the weight of a wet snowfall. Despite the conditions, I remained warm, dry and comfortable for 14 straight days in the backcountry. On day 10, we spotted a band of rams and I ended up packing out a beautiful eight-year-old bighorn.

Had my apparel and tent not been up to handling the nasty weather, I certainly would have been forced to leave the mountains before I had a chance at that ram. Always test your gear and familiarize yourself with its capabilities during the off-season. That way, there won’t be any surprises that lead to miss opportunities once your hunt is underway. And don’t overlook your food supply—there’s nothing worse than realizing midway through a hunt that those protein bars you got on sale taste like sawdust.