Site C Dam

Blue Fish Radio: How B.C.’s Site C Dam Will Devastate the Peace River

Christopher Pollon On the Proposed Site C Dam

Massive project will flood magnificent bull trout fishing, unique habitat and 3,800 hectares of farmland

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Site C Dam

Journalist Christopher Pollon and photographer Ben Nelms recently canoed the 93 km stretch of the Peace River soon to be submerged if British Columbia’s proposed Site C dam (above) is built. Christopher speaks to Lawrence about the magnificent Bull Trout fishing, unique habitat, the people who live along its banks, and the economic and political drivers spurring on the dam’s construction. But there’s one question no one can seem to answer: Is it necessary? For more, check out Pollan and Nelms’ book, The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam, by Harbour Publishing.

To hear the interview now, check below. To download this podcast to your device, go to the Blue Fish Radio home page.

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