Gord Nuttall

How to preapre your trophy black bear so it will make a beautiful rug

Rug therapy

A step-by-step primer on how to properly prepare your trophy black bear to make a prized bearskin rug

Gord Nuttall
Gord Nuttall

Step 5

Secure a front shoulder and pierce the fur just behind the front pad with your hunting knife. Begin your cut at the corner of the pad that’s closest to the head. Cut down and along the leg in a straight line to the elbow. From there, cut right into the armpit, following the hairline where it changes thickness and direction. Finish by joining the cut to the initial cut down the middle of the trunk, then repeat the entire procedure on the other front shoulder. Your five initial cuts are now complete, and they should form a wide H-shape along the bear’s underside.


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